Broken Garage Door Spring

Broken Garage Door Spring

Weak or Broken springs are dangerous! Please call us now to help you determine if your door has these issues.

Garage doors springs are designed to lift the entire weight of the door, most people believe the automatic garage door opener does the heavy lifting but not so. Garage door opener units have plastic gears and serve only to raise & lower the door: even popular 3/4 HP models are not designed to lift the excessive weight of a door when weak springs are failing.

Torsion springs are wound tight (tensioned or loaded) during initial installation and thereafter cycle by partially unwinding then contracting each time your garage door opens and closes. Depending on several factors over time, springs will stretch and lose tension… or they will suddenly break forcibly! The more gradual the process the more likely your motorized door opener unit may strain and sustain damage as it works to lift the extra weight of the door.

To be sure call the experts at 365 Overhead Garage Door and let one of our professional technicians provide you with a safety inspection and and any needed repairs. We believe in safety first, and dependable high quality, that’s why we provide you a LIFETIME WARRANTY on most springs.

Torsion Springs: If your springs are the torsion variety, they will be located parallel to the top inside of your garage door, with cable drums mounted on each side. Torsion springs are wound under tremendous torque or tension; allowing for the efficient raising of your garage door.

Extension Springs: These springs are located on either side of the garage door, perpendicular to it. These springs will stretch as the garage door closes and constricts as it is opened.

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    Quality Garage Door Springs

    365 Overhead Garage Door certified technicians are fully equipped to safely repair and replace both torsion and extension springs systems with best-in-class quality parts. Manufactured in the USA using the highest quality steel, our most popular overhead door springs are backed by a lifetime warranty. In addition, our springs are specially coated for ultimate protection from rust and corrosion.

    “Should I Replace Both Springs?”

    Many garage doors utilize a two spring installation for a more efficient operation of your garage door. This system provides balance and safety should one of the two springs weaken or break.

    Garage Door Manufacturers generally recommend replacing both if one fails, lest you run the risk and inconvenience in the near future when the other spring breaks, but many factors determine spring life so we find replacing both springs is not always needed… 365 always offers you a full inspection and case-by-case recommendation.

    “Are All Garage Door Springs The Same?”

    Overhead garage doors come in many different sizes, weights, and hardware configurations so it’s no wonder the same is true for garage door springs. Choosing the correct size spring or combination of springs is imperative for the proper balance and safety of your garage door. This is why we pledge to always install the correct springs for your specific door and run a full safety test of your door and automatic opener (operator unit) upon completion.

    *DANGER: Never try to open or close the garage door if the spring is broken as door may fall out of track! The National Safety Council recommends garage door springs be adjusted or replaced only by trained professionals.

    Extension Spring Safety

    Extension springs are attached on the side of the door, a restraining cable should be installed through this type of spring to help contain the spring if it breaks. When an extension spring breaks, pieces often fly!

    Worn out garage door springs can be deceiving, the springs are intact but not lifting the proper amount of weight which in time leads to a damaged garage door opener unit.

    Weak springs cause your garage door opener to do more work than it is designed to do and will damage the opener and cause additional problems with the garage door. To avoid this you should keep an eye on the performance of your springs.

    One simple test is to put the door in the down position, release the opener from the door by pulling the cord hanging from the opener unit and lift it by hand.  The door should almost lift itself.   If it does not, your springs need to be adjusted or replaced.  If you are not sure, call us and we will gladly come out to perform an inspection.

    Don’t wait for problems to multiply, weak springs put stress on your automatic garage door opener gears and motor.  At 365 Overhead Door we carry the highest quality garage door replacement parts to guarantee you have a safe overhead garage door for years to come.

    I called and talked to James at 5am with my car stuck in the garage, they were here in 25 min and had me out by 6am! Wasn’t late for work… Thank You so much 365 Overhead Door!

    Annie S., DFW, Texas

    Trust 365 Overhead Door to handle all your overhead garage door and entry gate repairs

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