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Tips For Maintenance & Security of Your Garage Door

Most burglars gain access to homes through garage doors. It is therefore imperative to ensure that the garage doors are well maintained so that the security of the home is maintained. Garage doors are heavy and can cause danger to the house or cause injury if they are...

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How To HomeLink Your Garage Door Opener

HomeLink training instructions For Your Garage Door Opener: First Locate HomeLink in your vehicle identified by the house icon. Step one, for first time training, press and hold the outer two HomeLink buttons, releasing only when the HomeLink indicator light begins to...

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Control Your Garage Door From Your Smartphone

How To Control Your Dallas Garage Door Via A Smartphone At this highly technological age, most can already be controlled from the smartphone. You can almost do anything with this handy device, including controlling your garage door opener. Although it might sound like...

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How Carriage Work In Your Garage Door Opener

Learning The Use Of A Carriage In Your Dallas Garage Door Opener Depending on the age and condition of your garage door, you may experience a problem with the trolley carriage. If the trolley carriage moves but the door won’t open or close, you need a professional to...

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Trolley Carriage Garage Door Problem? We Can Fix It!

Figuring Out Your Dallas Garage Door Problems A garage door that doesn't work can be a major problem if your car is stuck in the garage or if you are locked out of your home. As you stand in front of a garage door that doesn't work, it doesn't seem too intimidating....

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Oil Tempered Vs. Zinc Galvanized Torsion Spring

Comparing Oil Tempered And Zinc Galvanized Torsion Springs In Your Dallas Garage Door To most homeowners, a torsion spring is just a torsion spring. But what many homeowners don’t know is that there are two types of torsion springs to choose from, it is oil tempered...

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How To Reset The Limit Switches Of Your Garage Door Opener

Resetting Your Dallas Garage Door Restrict Switches The “limit switches” (up & down) on your garage door opener‘s motor regulate when it starts and stops running. Given all the dangers and accidents that can happen if and when your door runs when it’s not supposed...

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Testing Your Dallas Garage Door Reversal

How To Check Your Garage Door Reversal Function Many of the installed automatic garage doors are designed with a faulty reverse function. Do the testing and inform you whether the reverse function sensors are in good working shape. Failure to do so implies that the...

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How To Maintain Your Dallas Commercial Garage Door

The Importance Of Commercial Garage Door Maintenance In a commercial setting, this stress is magnified. All of the parking, loading, unloading, and more that happens in our homes happens much more frequently at a business, and as such, a broken garage door is more...

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I’ve known Bob and his family for over 20 years, truly caring people that take pride in their work and know how to run a good “service business”. Just wish I could get him out of the office to play a little golf more often 😉

-Troy K Southlake, Texas

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