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Raynor Garage Door RemoteControl Program Instructions

Follow The Steps Below To Program Your Dallas Raynor Garage Door Remote Control It can be very confusing and downright frustrating for consumers when they need to buy a new remote transmitter for their garage door operator. The garage door industry seems to change the...

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How To Open A Garage Door During Power Outage

Opening Your Dallas Garage Door During Power Outage When wind storms cause big power outages, we get a number of call about doors not opening.  While you may not want to go outside, you certainly don’t want to be locked in. Here’s how to open your garage door...

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The Benefits Of A Keyless Entry Keypad

Door locks Are The Most Important Aspect Of Your Dallas Home Security. Your garage provides access to your car, your storage items and even your house. If your garage is secured by a simple key and lock system, you might not be confident in your garage’s safety, and...

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Transforming Your Dallas Garage Door

Tips For Renovating Your Dallas Garage The garage is a catch-all, right? Right. But should it be? According to recent statistics, a clean, bright, updated garage may be a big selling point with today’s buyers. Currently, remodeling the kitchen will return 90 cents for...

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Possible Accidents That May Happen In Your Garage

Common Garage Car Accidents That May Happen In Your Orlando Homes  As most owners of a garage may know, getting your car in and out of it doesn’t always go according to plan. Unless you’re the proud owner of a swanky extra wide garage, the risk of bumping or...

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How To Fix Your Squeaky Garage Door

Fix Your Squeaky Garage Door in Orlando Homes Being in the garage door and garage door opener business, we hear a lot of stories from customers about old doors and openers that practically wake the neighbors with their noise every time the opener starts. In nearly all...

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Do You Have A Frozen Garage Door That Won’t Open?

It Is Natural For Dallas Homeowners To Panic When The Garage Door Opener Stuck To The Floor And Refuses To Open Garage doors get frozen all the time. If you live in an area that gets freezing temperatures you can expect to have a frozen unit at some point....

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Cleaning Your Dallas Garage Door

Cleaning a garage door is an important part of the maintenance of your door. Your garage door is a highly visible, hard-working surface that is subjected to all sorts of use and abuse on a daily basis. And yet, during the spring cleaning season, we often neglect to...

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Ideas To Update Your Garage Door In 2017

Are You Planning To Update Your Dallas Garage Door? If there is one feature in your Dallas home that can dramatically affect the view of your home from the outside it is the garage door. These days almost every single home has got a garage door, and the majority of...

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8 Useful Accessories For Garage Door Openers

Keep Your Car Safe In Your Dallas Home Garage If you are a car owner, you’d know the importance of keeping your vehicle safe and secure, especially when you’re asleep, or when you’re not anywhere near your vehicle. One of the easiest ways to make sure your car is safe...

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I’ve known Bob and his family for over 20 years, truly caring people that take pride in their work and know how to run a good “service business”. Just wish I could get him out of the office to play a little golf more often 😉

-Troy K Southlake, Texas

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