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At this highly technological age, most can already be controlled from the smartphone. You can almost do anything with this handy device, including controlling your garage door opener. Although it might sound like science fiction, it is already possible with our current technology. However, this is an investment that a homeowner should make.

So read more below for you to learn and understand how does this new technology works for your Dallas garage door.

Monitor and Control Your Garage Door from Your Smartphone – From Anywhere in the World!

And do it with a swipe of the finger from an Apple, Android or Blackberry device. Garage door control from a smartphone? Yes… there is an app for that as well, if you purchase a brand new garage operator from LiftMaster equipped with the MyQ technology!


But it’s not a game. It’s an exciting addition to your overall home management and security plan. Check out the garage door opener for the 21st century.


The globally operated garage door opener is here


The “new” old saying – there’s an app for that – has come true for Internet-enabled garage door openers. Innovative manufacturers such as Chamberlain, the company behind LiftMaster door openers, have seen to that.


One of the stars of the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was the LiftMaster MyQ® technology that controls not only garage doors, but lighting as well. And while it showcased garage door openers and lights, the MyQ® technology has been further developed. So, how does that work, you ask?


First, an Internet Gateway is connected to your router. This gateway connects to the router through a supplied Ethernet cable which is more secure than wireless technology. An included power adapter provides the proper electrical supply to the gateway.


After registering the gateway online, you’re ready to add devices.


The gateway “learns” the garage door opener


The garage door opener must have the learning technology included. Some door openers manufactured after 1998 have this capability. Contact your LiftMaster professional if you have any questions.


Download the appropriate app for your smartphone. Apps are available for Apple (iOS), Android (Google Play) and Blackberry devices.


Using the “learn” function, add your garage door to the app. Multiple doors can be added, as well as LiftMaster gate openers and lighting control.


Once the app has learned your door opener, you’re ready to open and close it from your smartphone – from anywhere in the world. The gateway talks to your garage door opener through a radio signal.


The benefits to you are unlimited


Think about it. A smart garage door, controlled from your phone is not only a time saver, but a problem solver as well. How many times have you started on a trip across town or across the country when that nagging questions hits: Did I remember to close the garage door?


Before, the only way to know for sure was to turn around, go back and check. And as you well know, 9 times out of 10, it was closed.


A smartphone app will give you your answer with the click of a button. It monitors the position of the door at all times. And if it is open, you just close the door while you’re moving down the road. And, by the way, the door opener will beep and flash lights to alert anyone in the garage that the door is closing.


With the MyQ® app you can also control house lighting and small appliances using wall switches and adapters.


Safety, security and convenience


Not only does the smart app let you see the position of your garage door opener, it can send you alerts as well. You set up any of a variety of customizable alerts, including when the door is opened and how long is has been opened. These can even be further customized to the time of day the event happens.


When an alert is triggered, the system sends a push message to your phone or sends you an email.


If you’re expecting a delivery while you’re away, just have the delivery service call you on your smartphone and you can open the garage door for them. No more packages left on the doorstep where they can be damaged or stolen. And if the delivery person forgets to close the door, you get a message and you can close it via your smartphone app.


But what happens if you don’t own a smartphone that’s connected to the Internet. Don’t worry. The LiftMaster MyQ® system comes with an Internet web page that can be accessed by any web-enabled device, such as a laptop, computer or tablet.


You log securely into the website to access all of the features necessary to control your garage door opener, gate closer or enabled lighting.


The garage door opener has finally entered the 21st century with technology that allows you complete control from wherever you are, be it across the street across town or across the globe.


For more information on the MyQ® system and how it works, check out this video.


After you view that one, you’ll find instructional videos for using the app on different phones and videos on how to set up alerts for all your enabled doors and devices here.

You can control your garage door from anywhere in the world and know whether you have left it open or not.

Once you have setup and connected your smartphone to your garage door opener, the actual controlling is the easy part. The applications are made to be simple and user-friendly so you can easily maneuver your way through the app. If you need a help from an expert you can call 365 Overhead Door & Gate at (214) 980-2015.

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