Residential Garage Door Repair

Residential Garage Door Repair

BETTER PEOPLE – BETTER PARTS – BETTER VALUE… 365 OVERHEAD is the name you can trust!

When your garage door needs repair, you want an experienced company you can trust to get the job done right. We have a spotless record with the BBB, Yelp and Angie’s List, and our hand-picked team of certified technicians offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

IF YOUR DOOR, OPENER, OR GATE IS STUCK, OR IF YOU HAVE A “TIME-CRUNCH” ISSUE just let us know, we provide Free Expedited service to get to home quickly! We also receive requests for help when “simple DIY repairs” go wrong: simply replacing a hinge or roller can result in pinched fingers. Then there are tension springs… PLEASE REMEMBER- when the door spring has tension this can complicate DIY repairs. Your door should have proper alignment, be balanced, and work in tandem with a properly adjusted automatic door opener.

365 Overhead Door and Gate Repair always install best quality hardware, 14-gauge steel hinges, bearings, brackets, and premium rollers to give you 100% assurance of long-lasting dependability and safety! Most come with a Lifetime Warranty. Friendly professionals using quality components at reasonable prices is the 365 Overhead Door and Gate Repair Difference!

Have a noisy garage door?

Noise means friction, friction causes wear, and excess wear causes malfunction. Why wait till your door won’t open or close? Sometimes adjustment and lube is all that’s needed, but lack of garage door maintenance and worn parts can become serious: springs, cables, bottom-brackets and the like should be handled by trained technicians. Don’t let a small repair become major, give us a call now!

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    DIY Maintenance

    DANGER: NEVER loosen or attempt to remove the bottom bracket (see #3 below) when there is tension on the spring, this could cause sudden movement and result in bodily injury.

    If you choose DIY maintenance:

    • Often lower quality parts used by home builders can be unusually loud even when relatively new. Start by tightening all the door and track hardware. Use a deep socket and a ratchet on all the nuts to snug them up but don’t over tighten, that can pull the carriage bolt heads right through the door skin or strip the screw holes.

    • Next, check for worn rollers and hinges. Many rollers have low quality inner bearings that self-destruct after only a couple of years without lube. The worn rollers actually wobble or don’t roll as the door operates. If your rollers are worn, it’s time to call 365 Overhead Door and get new Nylon EZ Glider rollers which are stronger and quieter.

    Worn, cracked or broken garage door hinges are another common problem. Narrow, thin hinges make a lot of noise and can cause the door to bind and wear out the tongue-and-groove joints at the door sections. But if you see an oblong hole where the tubular hinge pin mates with the hinge bracket, consider having us replace the hinge. Gray dust and metal filings around the hinge pin are early signs of wear.

    • Next, spray the hinges, roller bearings (unsealed style), and springs with an approved garage door lube like our 365 Super Glide Garage Door Lube. This lubricant makes your door amazingly quiet. Also spray the torsion bar bearings, and any other pivot points. The special garage door lube penetrates the parts as a liquid and dries to form a non-tacky barrier that won’t attract dirt and dust as do most other lubricants, which can gum things up. Lubricate all moving parts every six months to reduce wear and keep the door quiet. Avoid basic lubricants such as grease, oil, or spray lithium grease. They’re cheaper, but they don’t penetrate as well and tend to pick up dust and grit—just what you don’t want on moving parts.

    *DANGER: Never remove, adjust or loosen the screws on the bottom brackets of the door. These brackets are connected to the spring by the lift cable and are under extreme tension.

    Supplemental Information

    1. Window Light

    Glazed section with various types of glass or clear acrylic to allow for light and visibility.

    2. Sections

    Steel panels reinforced with stiles interconnected with hinges and rollers.

    3. Bottom Bracket

    A structured support which provides for attachment of lifting cables.

    4. Cable Drum

    Grooved drums on the torsion spring shaft that lifting cables wind around when door is opening.

    5. Torsion Springs

    Provides the means to raise and lower the door via cable winding on drums.

    6. Extensions

    Extend along both horizontal tracks.

    7. Rear Track Hanger

    Mounting bracket for stabilization of tracks.

    8. Track

    Provides a guide for section to raise or lower door.

    I called and talked to James at 5am with my car stuck in the garage, they were here in 25 min and had me out by 6am! Wasn’t late for work… Thank You so much 365 Overhead Door!

    Annie S., DFW, Texas

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