HomeLink training instructions For Your Garage Door Opener:

First Locate HomeLink in your vehicle identified by the house icon.

  • Step one, for first time training, press and hold the outer two HomeLink buttons, releasing only when the HomeLink indicator light begins to flash after 20 seconds. Do not perform this step when training the additional HomeLink buttons.
  • Step two, push both the HomeLink button and the handheld transmitter button until the HomeLink indicator light flashes slowly then rapidly. Then release both buttons.
  • Step three, push the programmed HomeLink button. If the HomeLink indicator light is solid, programming is complete. If the HomeLink indicator light blinks rapidly for two seconds and then turns solid, proceed to the next two steps.
  • Step four, get a ladder and press the “learn” or “smart” button on the garage door opener motor head. It may be helpful to have a second person assist with this step.
  • Step five, within 30 seconds, get back into the vehicle and push the programmed HomeLink button for two seconds and release. Repeat two to three times until the garage door activates.
  • Training is complete.

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The HomeLink Wireless Control System is a radio frequency (RF) transmitter integrated into some automobiles that can be programmed to activate devices such as garage door openers, RF-controlled lighting, gates and locks, including those with rolling codes.

The “Learnbutton on your garage door opener is located above the antenna wire that hangs from the motor head, it may also be under a light cover. The “Learnbutton will be either green, red/orange, purple or yellow. The “Learnbutton has two functions.

A rolling code (or sometimes called a hopping code) is used in keyless entry systems to prevent replay attacks, where an eavesdropper records the transmission and replays it at a later time to cause the receiver to ‘unlock’. Such systems are typical in garage door openers and keyless car entry systems.

Please Use CAUTION!

Before programming HomeLinkĀ® to a garage door opener or gate operator, make sure that people and objects are out of the way of the device to prevent potential harm or damage. Your motorized garage door or gate will open and close while you are programming HomeLink. Do not program HomeLink if people or pets are in the path of the door or gate. A moving garage door or gate can cause serious injury or death to people and pets or damage to objects.

Vehicle exhaust contains carbon monoxide, a dangerous gas. Do not run the vehicle’s engine while programming HomeLink. Exhaust gas can cause serious injury or death. When programming a garage door opener, it is advised to park outside of the garage.

Do not use HomeLink with any garage door opener that lacks safety stop and reverse features as required by U.S. federal safety standards (this includes any garage door opener model manufactured before April 1, 1982). A garage door that cannot detect an object signaling the door to stop and reverse – does not meet current U.S. federal safety standards.

If programming a garage door opener or gate, it is advised to unplug the device during the HomeLink programming and also if performing the “cycling” process to prevent possible motor burn-up.