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The garage is a catch-all, right? Right. But should it be? According to recent statistics, a clean, bright, updated garage may be a big selling point with today’s buyers.

Currently, remodeling the kitchen will return 90 cents for every dollar spent and a renovated bathroom will give you a return of 50 cents on the dollar. But updating the lowly garage, including a good storage system, will give you back 95 cents per dollar spent, it’s more than a bathroom!

Read more about the 5 tips for renovating your Dallas garage:

Five Tips For Renovating Your Garage

When you are interested in getting the most out of the space in your home, you may not have considered how much impact your garage design can have on your home. The ideas below show how simple renovations can help you get a lot more out of your garage space.

Storage Space

Many homes are beginning to implement floor to ceiling shelves in the garage. This can be a great way to utilize extra wall space while keeping clutter out of other areas of the house. As long as you get stacked or wall-mounted shelves, these won’t take up too much car space. Be sure to have the shelves bolted to the wall at any rate, so that there’s less risk of items falling over onto your vehicles.


As far as maximizing space goes, you may also want to consider insulating the area so that it can be used as an addition to your home whenever there are no cars parked. By insulating the exterior wall and garage door, you could create a new space for a band to practice or for the kids to have guest over.

Automated Door

If you’re still stuck with a stone-age, hand-operated garage door, consider that it’s time for an upgrade. A modern garage door opener allows you to open the garage from anywhere in the house, and depending on its range, you may even be able to open the door before you arrive at your property.

Garage Door Material

A garage door is one area of a home’s appearance that is often overlooked. However, there are plenty of new ways to spice up your home’s look with a modernized garage door. Options exist for completely glass or wood doors to match with your home’s exterior.

Track Lighting

Deciding how to light a garage has always been a challenge, but track lighting provides a great solution. Simple, low-cost LED lights along the floor can help you do a tidy parking job when you come home in the dark, and provide light as you make your way into the home. If you have the budget, you may want to extend the track lighting all the way into your driveway, for maximum night vision.

A garage can be just as valuable as any other room in your home with a simple makeover. Consider these items to maximize the value of your space and your home.

Give A Glamorous End To Your Dallas Garage.

According to our contractor at 365 Overhead Door & Gate in Dallas, you can do a basic renovation for small dollars, although with add-ons you can spend a great deal more. However, it’s the best of all worlds: a well-appointed garage that can be a joy while you own the home and a moneymaker when you sell. Contact our contractors at (214) 980-2015 if you need help and ideas in renovating your garage door and we also cater garage door repairs and installation.

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