Why Dallas Homes Need A Pro In Repairing Garage Door Cable Drum


Your garage door consists of several hundred moving parts. You might not realize how heavy your garage door is because you can move it by using a remote control with relative ease. This is something of an illusion. The garage doors are actually heavy and the torsion springs at the top of each door that allows it to be raised without a lot of exertion. The cables and springs on a door work together, and there’s a great deal of tension on the lines.  The failure of a cable or drum part could eventually damage the entire system.  That tension is dangerous for those who don’t know their way around a garage door.

Now, here are some tips in repairing a garage door cable drum and what are the causes on it.

How to repair a garage door cable drum?

What is a garage door drum?The garage door drum is that circular roller with grooves that is fixed on the shaft of the torsion springs. If your garage door is of the heavier kind, garage door drums help to give extra support for easier lifting and lowering of the garage door.
Like other garage door parts these drums must be well and properly maintained. If this is not done, they may start to get worn down by the high degree of stress they are regularly placed under. A garage door that shows visible wear and tear signs can increase safety risks for everyone in the home.Garage door drum break-downs should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible after damage to them has been discovered. Because they are attached to the torsion spring system, it is inherently dangerous, and you should leave this kind of repairs to professionals. Torsion springs are always under great tension, and so are garage door drums. 

Remember that tampering with them without the proper knowledge or technical qualification can result in grave injury including loss of limbs, bruises, cuts and even death if one is hurt in a sensitive place. Always leave such garage door repairs or replacements to experienced experts in Indianapolis.


Garage door cables and their repair


If you notice that your garage door is hanging from one side, this is a strong indicator that the garage door opener cables are detached. The same is true if the door is opening and closing improperly. Garage door cables are the ones that hold the pressure of the door in order to ensure that the door operates smoothly.


Age is a factor in the breakdown of garage door cables, but a larger number of faults with the cable-drum system are a result of improper maintenance. You must be keen to ensure that they are regularly cleaned and lubricated. You can ask a professional in Indianapolis to show you how so that you can do it regularly, particularly when it’s dustier where you live.


Just like the drums, repairs on garage door cables should only be carried out by experienced and professional technicians. They will know exactly which cables are suitable for the weight and type of door you have, and how to safely carry out the job.


Do not fiddle about with the torsion spring cables; they are under a high amount of tension and can cause injury. These cables are usually connected to the garage door drums at the top of the door, and are the ones that absorb most of the force coming from the torsion springs. Here are safety tips to remember when dealing with broken cables or drums:


  • Avoid touching the drums or cables due to the cable frays
  • Avoid tampering with the bottom fixtures in any way
  • Avoid cutting the cables to secure your garage door
  • Stay as far back from the garage door in case it comes out of its tracks
  • Contact a professional in Indianapolis immediately and keep family members away

Garage door cables and drums are high tension garage door parts, and homeowners should avoid tampering with them if broken; seek professional assistance immediately.

Call a professional garage door service.

Repairing the garage door cable drums can be dangerous and this requires the help of an expert. Every time you open or close your garage door, there is huge stress that is placed on them. Additional stress from time to time may cause the torsion spring to break and your garage door may not function effectively. Call our professional today at (214) 980-2015.

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