When it comes to garage doors, noise during operation can become more than just a disruption. It can also be an embarrassment, a frustration, and an inconvenience. While a series of different causes can be the source of your garage door noise, we’ll cover some of the most common sources below.


Type of Garage Door Opener


Noisy operation could be as simple to diagnose as looking at the brand and model of your garage door opener. Quieter garage door openers tend to have a higher price point, leading some to choose an opener that makes noise every time it’s used.


Worn Garage Door Parts


Any area where moving parts meet up with each other is an opportunity for wear and tear. And if those moving parts are metal, that wear and tear will also create a lot of noise. Think of these noises as a type of warning sign – something that, if left unattended, will get worse.


Unbalanced Garage Door


An unbalanced garage door can lead to some strange noises. If your garage door is imbalanced, it will try to close by itself when opened manually. It also might become visibly uneven or stop opening at all.


Mysterious Garage Door Noises


If the noises coming from your door cannot be traced back to the type of garage door opener, worn out parts, or a failed balancing act, you might be dealing with a more complex problem. If this is the case, be sure to reach out to a qualified professional to assess the issue at hand.




If you’re faced with a mysterious noise whenever your garage door functions, begin by trying to locate what is causing the noise to occur. Some causes have simple solutions that can be easily fixed or remedied, while the more complex problems will require a professional to guarantee a safe, effective fix. As always, remember the important role your garage door plays in the safety and functionality of your home.