When was the last time your garage door and opener unit were safely adjusted, cleaned, and lubricated? Most manufacturers recommend this be done at least annually. It’s just something we never think about until a problem develops. Summer is busy season for garage door, garage opener, and entry gate repairs due to the heat and extra use your equipment receive. So we at 365 Overhead Door feel it’s good to call your attention to proper door maintenance & safety before garage door headaches begin.

Just like your car, your garage door and opener will work without proper maintenance until wear & tear causes premature problems requiring time, effort, and money to repair. Safety issues arise when garage door springs become weak or doors get out of alignment, both happen naturally with time and use. Your homes foundation shifting can even cause misalignment, as can old rollers than won’t turn smoothly. Any one of these can lead to stress and damage to your opener. Many of the parts up above such as the drums, cables, fixtures, brackets, tracks, and rails all sustain wear and never get adjustment or lube, which means problems at some point.

To help you, 365 Overhead Door is currently offering 60 % OFF SUMMER MAINTENANCE to the first 60 customers to respond. That means you receive our full service 39 point Maintenance/Adjustment/Lube for only $28.99   Just call 214-980-2015 and mention the Blog Special or email your request for a service appointment to 365overheaddoor@gmail.com

Don’t wait until a garage door headache starts, take advantage of this special offer! see you soon.