Checking Up Garage Door Rollers In Dallas Homes


With daily use, over time the rollers wear out or need lubricating, and the tracks can become misaligned. This causes the door to drag or bind, making it harder and harder to raise and lower. Whether you raise and lower your garage door manually or you have an electric door opener, regular attention to the rollers and tracks keeps the door operating properly.

If you take the time to give the rollers and tracks a yearly checkup, you can prevent potential problems and keep your garage door operating smoothly. So here are some tips on how to do a maintenance to your garage door roller.

6 Steps for Garage Door Roller Maintenance

As you leave your home, the garage doors are the last thing you see. When you arrive, they’re the first thing you take notice of. Because of this, and for other reasons, it’s important to keep your garage doors maintained. No one wants to hear squeaky wheels when driving the car into the garage or have the doors fall off their rollers and hang crooked. By maintaining the rollers, you will have smooth running doors at all times.

The following steps will help you maintain the garage door rollers, keeping them operating in perfect condition.

1. Check the rollers and clean them every Spring and Fall.

Remove any dust or dirt that has collected around the rollers or tension and extension springs. If you hear excessive noise when the garage door is in use, make sure that the rollers are still on the track. As you take the time to make sure the rollers are clean, also remove any excessive grease that may be around them.

2. Identify if you have nylon or steel rollers.

If you have steel, it is important to install weatherstripping along the sides of your garage doors to help prevent rusting to the rollers. Sometimes the severe cold can cause the rollers to have a more difficult time moving. Using weatherstripping will ensure that any type of severe weather will not damage the rollers. If you have nylon rollers, these tend to be rust and corrosion resistant and can be more beneficial in colder climates than steel.

4. Spray the rollers down with a non-lithium grease.

This lubricant will help the rollers move easily and assist in keeping away dirt and grime as well. Your garage doors will continue to run smoothly and avoid squeaky sounds.

5. Check for loose bolts on the roller hinges.

You will need to tighten them to make sure that the brackets and hinges are holding the rollers properly. Make sure the track brackets are set in tightly. If the brackets are dirty, use a brake cleaner to help remove any type of dirt or build up. If you leave the dirt inside the brackets, the rollers will not be able to roll easily and you may hear some squeaking sounds.

6. Be certain to replace any worn components that assist the rollers in operating properly.

This includes replacing rollers if needed. Inspect the operation of the garage door elements to make sure that all of the parts are running smoothly once again.

You probably use your garage door frequently, which makes it an important piece of equipment. Be sure to regularly maintain them and ensure that they are in good running condition. No one wants a squeaky, loud, annoying garage door. No one needs to alerts the neighbors when you have come home. By following these six steps you will find yourself with a smooth running garage door.

Avoid injuries and hire a professional.

Fixing an off track garage door roller is a dangerous affair. To avoid chances of personal injury, its advisable for you to hire a specialized garage door technician. To hire the best garage door technician in Dallas, you can give us a call today at (214) 980-2015 and we will provide you with solutions to all your garage door problems. Yearly maintenance keeps your garage door operating smoothly.

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