The garage door has nowadays become a necessity for most of the people. Some of them install them for their garages and others as the main entrance of your home. The garage doors come in various sizes and dimensions, and you can opt one according to your car size and convenience. Several types of door are available in the market, residential and commercial are the two main types. To figure out what kind of a door you need to install for home or business, you must know the dimensions of the door. Whether you need it to accommodate your own vehicle, as an access for entry and exit or for accommodating a large number of vehicles. Some of the door types and their dimensions and specifications are given below:

Garage Door Types and Sizes

1) Single Garage Door Sizes

The single garage doors can only accommodate a single vehicle at a time and the dimension of such doors measures around 9 x 7 feet,10 x 7 feet, and 8 x 7 feet. The size is best for standard homes that need to accommodate van, mini-truck, car or an SUV. If you want to park large vehicles such as a bobtail, RV’s or a big truck or you want to store another item as well than a bigger size of a garage door is required.

2) Double garage Door Sizes

The double garage door is designed to accommodate more than one vehicle at a time. The standard sizes of the double garage doors are 14 x 7 feet, 16 x 7 feet, and 12 x 7 feet. One can also utilize it for storing other household items along with the vehicles. Before buying a garage door, you must keep in mind the actual size of the vehicle you own or planning to buy. Buy a door that satisfies your needs.

3) RV Garage Door Sizes

For a recreational vehicle(RV), you need a different size of garage door other that the small-sized garage door. The standard garage door size you need to accommodate your RV is 16 feet wide by 8 feet tall and 9 feet of ceiling height. If you are constructing a new building or a house make sure you build it according to the requirements by communicating with the architecture and the contractor.

4) Commercial Garage Door Sizes

This is the actual door size that is used to accommodate bigger sized vehicles such as trucks. Mostly the organizations use this type of door size for the larger number of vehicles. The standard garage door size of RV garage door sizes have a width of 32 feet x 2 inches and a height of 24 feet x 1 inch. Make sure that the garage has enough space so that the vehicles can easily move in and out safely and easily. If you have any doubts regarding the number of vehicles you are planning to fit inside, measure the size of the largest vehicle before buying the garage door.